GAPPA? (english)

GAPPA (Guarding Against Paralogical & Propagandist Activities) is a monitoring tactic concentrating on mass media, new media & activities of public relation.


Lies and distortions are rampant in the media, so observe what your media says with scrutiny.
Monitor & analyze not only what is said, but how it is said.


Share what you find, spread the word.
You can start your own response or simply send a #GAPPA alert: if you can’t find the words to answer, others will.


They used to say « Don’t hate the media, become the media »… that time is past.

Corporate media impunity is no more.

YOU are the media.

GAPPA. Watch. Report. Resist.


Montreal Police Flashbang Style :


May Day arrests worldwide in 2014 :


Bobette | Le court-métrage [subtitles] :


Ce qui vous amène ici / What brings you out there [subtitles] :


Regards sur l’UQAM :


GAPPA The Triphibian Monster

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