May Day arrests worldwide in 2014


On May 1st, mass demonstrations were held across the globe to mark International Workers Day. In some cities, mass demonstrations were tolerated. Unfortunately, others were met with police and state repression.

As is always the case for injuries in mass protests, actual numbers may be more important than reported.

Istanbul (Turkey) : 142 arrests, 90 injured

Montreal (Canada) : 137 arrests, 5 injured

Dili (East Timor) : 84 arrests

Berlin (Germany) : 68 arrests

Donetsk (Ukraine) : 26 Injured

Teheran (Iran) : 23 arrests

Jönköping (Sweden) : 19 arrests, 90 redirected by bus, 32 detained

Hamburg (Germany) : 15 arrests, 70 injured

Helsinki (Finland) : 10 arrests

Seattle (United States) : 10 arrests

Phnom Penh (Cambodia) : 5 injured

Vancouver (Canada) : 3 arrests, 1 injured

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GAPPA. Watch. Report. Resist.


GAPPA (Guarding Against Paralogical & Propagandist Activities) is a monitoring tactic concentrating on mass media, new media & activities of public relation.


Lies and distortions are rampant in the media, so observe what your media says with scrutiny.
Monitor & analyze not only what is said, but how it is said.


Share what you find, spread the word.
You can start your own response or simply send a #GAPPA alert: if you can’t find the words to answer, others will.


They used to say « Don’t hate the media, become the media »… that time is past.

Corporate media impunity is no more.

YOU are the media.



GAPPA regrette l’intrusion mercantile de ces publicités qui apparaissent parfois en fin d’article, et remédiera très bientôt à la situation. Merci de votre répulsion.


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